Downtown Farmers Market Rules

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Vendor Rule Compliance

On-Site Vendor Compliance Checklist

On market day, use this checklist to help remind you of some of the basic market operation rules and policies. All rules previously listed also apply.

  • Vendor sets up where assigned
  • Vendor unloads and removes vehicle before 8:00 am /Saturdays.
  • Vendor parks away from market to allow adequate parking for customers
  • Vendor returns vehicle and loads after 1:15 pm but before 2:00 pm /Saturdays
  • Vendor does not leave booth unattended
  • Vendor maintains booth space in safe, clean and sanitary manner and keeps products and displays within booth confines
  • 24+ lb canopy weights on all legs if canopy used
  • Children are supervised
  • Signage with the name and location of the business is clear and visible
  • All product prices are posted
  • Product claims are truthful/verified
  • Any scales used are “legal for trade”
  • Vendor conducts themselves in a courteous manner, including not smoking


Compliance Monitoring

  • The Manager frequently monitors market activity to ensure that vendors are complying with the rules.
  • For “At-market” compliance, the Manager uses a form that mirrors the vendor compliance checklist.
  • The Manager also keeps records of “Non-market” violations (customer complaints, late payment of fees, expired licenses etc.) that will put a vendor out of compliance.


Rules Enforcement

  1. All rules of the market are enforced by the Manager or his or her designee, who has ultimate on-site authority. Complaints or problems should be directed to the Manager in a timely manner.
  2. The Manager or designee will regularly evaluate vendors using the on-site vendor compliance checklist. The Manager or his/her designee will indicate any violation(s) on the form with the compliance actions noted, and then both the Manager and the vendor’s on-site sales personnel will sign and date the form. A copy of the form will be mailed to the vendor.
  3. Violations not included in the on-site vendor compliance checklist may lead to other disciplinary action.
  4. Customer complaints will be forwarded to vendors and kept on file. Complaints may result in disciplinary action including removal from the market.
  5. Market management reserves the right to make exceptions to these DFM rules and guidelines for the benefit of the market as a whole.


Failure to Comply With Rules

Disciplinary action may take the form of a verbal warning or a written notice of non-compliance that may include a fine. Further non-compliance may lead to probation, suspension or termination.

If a vendor does not abide by the rules of DFM or comply with federal, state, and local regulations applicable to market participation, the Manager or designee may take any action deemed appropriate, including assessing fines or barring the vendor from selling at the market for that day and any future market days.


Enforcement Sequence

  1. Verbal warning.
  2. Written warning of non-compliance (may include fines as established by the FMC).
  3. After three written warnings, the FMC will consider and may administer appropriate sanctions including:
    1. Probation (written notice that any further violation will lead to suspension)
    2. Suspension (not allowed to do business at the market for a specified period of time)
    3. Termination (not allowed to do business at the market ever again)
  4. The enforcement sequence may be altered or shortened in the event of actions that place other vendors or shoppers at risk, or represent violations of laws and regulations.

The application of fines, probation and suspension may occur simultaneously while the vendor works to correct a specific or combination of non-compliance actions.


Vendor Response to Enforcement

The vendor must correct the verbal warning or notice of non-compliance immediately or by the following week, whichever is most appropriate. If the situation has not been remedied by the following week, the following disciplinary actions may be taken:

  •  Vendor may lose reserved space privilege.
  •  Vendor may be suspended from the market for a week and forfeit their stall fee.
  •  Vendor may be issued a fine.

If a vendor is issued a fine due to non-compliance, the vendor must pay the fine promptly; preferably on the day issued or absolutely 24 hours before setting up on their next market day.

If the vendor feels that a notice of non-compliance is unwarranted, they may file a complaint with the FMC by filling out the Vendor Concern form and mailing it to the DWWF. The vendor is still required to pay fines and come into compliance to the best of their abilities during the appeal process.


Protocols for Vendor Grievances and Product Challenges

DFM has created protocols and procedures that allow vendors to report concerns against other vendors whom they think are out of compliance with market rules and policies. Vendors may also file concerns or suggestions regarding the market manager, or make suggestions for improvements that affect the market as a whole.

To file a vendor concern, suggestion or product challenge, use the Vendor Concern Form or Vendor Challenge Form.


Grievance procedures

  1. Complaints or problems should first be directed to Manager in a timely manner that is not disruptive to the market.
  2. Vendors who have concerns regarding other vendor compliance, market staff, safety, or policies should complete a Vendor Concern Form. Forms will be available at the DFM Information Booth. The FMC will review each concern form and the concerned vendor will receive a specific written response within two weeks.
  3. A vendor may appeal any decision of the Manager concerning violation of market rules within 30 days. An appeal must be presented in writing to the FMC. A decision by the FMC shall be issued within 30 days of receipt and constitute a final and binding decision.


Product Challenge

  1. Product challenges may be made for misrepresentation of product by a vendor. Vendors can submit a written Product Challenge Form when they believe another vendor is misrepresenting his/her product.
  2. A product challenges must be signed by the person bringing the challenge and preferably be supported by physical evidence of the offense. The product challenge must be made on the day of, or within the week, the violation is observed. Challenges alleging wrongdoings on past occasions will not be accepted.
  3. The vendor receiving the product challenge must respond to the challenge in writing. Failure to admit or deny a challenge may result in a determination that the challenge is valid.
  4. The Market Manager and the FMC will conduct a farm site visit in a timely manner to make a determination on the product challenge. If Market Management deems it necessary, a third party farm inspector will be employed.
  5. Product challenge forms are available at the DFM Information Booth. Because of their sensitive nature, they must be returned directly to the Manager or a FMC member.
  6. If the vendor is found in violation, the vendor may by fined, placed on probation, suspended, or evicted from the market at the discretion of the FMC.
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